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Double Glazed Steamy, Foggy, Fogged, Misty, Misted Double Glazing Repairs

Double glazed windows and doors are essentially made up of sealed individual double glazed units that are fitted into the door or window frame e.g. upvc or aluminium window frame.

When a double glazed window appears to be misty, foggy or steamy it is likely that the material used to make a seal between the two glass units has been broken or breached, perhaps only in a relatively small area. Although the unit has a space bar that contains moisture absorbing silica once enough air (which naturally contains moisture) gets into the unit to the point where the silica is saturated and can’t absorb any more water, the misty, steamy effect really starts to take hold.

The break in the seal of a double glazed unit could have a number of causes. One of the most common causes however tends to be that over the passage of time effect of the weather, the elements and the heat of sun have made the double glazed unit expand and contract thus loosening and damaging the seal around the outside of the unit. The pump like action caused by the expanding and contracting sucks air in and forces air out of the unit. Once the moisture absorbing silica is saturated and air can’t escape quickly enough from the unit, the moisture in that air starts to condense and collect on the inside of the glass – near the upper part of the window to begin with. This is often most obvious on hot days as warm air rises.

Over time the inside of the glass in the unit becomes more stained and dirty with successive amounts of condensation until it looks misty most of the time.

What is the Solution?

Replace that problem double glazed unit with a new unit. This does not mean that you have to replace the whole window or door frame – just the glass unit(s).

We can replace your foggy, misty, steamy old double glazed units with fantastic clear, new ‘A’ rated units.

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We do of course also supply and fit new double glazed doors and windows of all kinds too. We operate primarily in Swindon and across Wiltshire, Oxfordshire, parts of Gloucestershire and the Sout West.

Call us on 0845 528 0449 and ask about our double glazed unit replacement service. There is no obligation, and no high pressure salesmen. We are a family run firm who pride ourselves on total customer satisfaction.